William Fleetwood - About

William Fleetwood (1 January 1656 – 4 August 1723) was an English preacher, Bishop of St Asaph and Bishop of Ely. He was regarded as the best preacher of his time; with friends and patrons from royalty (being a favourite of Queen Anne) to politicians to businessmen.

He was descended from an ancient and famous Lancastrian family; and spent most of his life looking after the interests of private sector businesses – both large and small.

He is perhaps best known, however, for constructing the first ever price index in his Chronicon Preciosum of 1707. This has made him quite famous in the eyes of economists and statisticians but has also left a lasting legacy as his work was used as part of the basis for Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, which laid the foundations of modern free market economic theory.

 Fleetwood was in a lot ways, ahead of his time. He was a champion of small to medium size businesses. He was a keen learner, an effective speaker and he questioned the established way of doing things.

This is the kind of personality we think should be recognised and rewarded; and so we created the William Fleetwood Awards to recognise businesses and people that also possess these traits and values.

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